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Marty's Joke of the day is an internet column that I've written for more than 5 years.
I tell humorous stories about my "sweet wife" and raising our 4 young sons, named #1, #2, #3, and #4.
After 5 years of story telling, in August of 2005, doctors found a brain tumor in son #4.
Our focus here has changed little as we still try to find humor in our lives.

Monday, March 26, 2007

3/25 - Comcastic Kite!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ok, so I take back about 28% of all the bad things I ever said and
thought about Cable TV Companies. [First, a disclaimer; I worked
for TCI cable TV for 12 years before it was bought out by AT&T and
before they were bought out by Comcast. I was the installation
supervisor and had a crew of about 20 installers. When AT&T came
into the picture, they laid off about 30% of my staff, plus me.
That was exactly 6 weeks after I bought the house we live in now.
That was when my sweet wife was 8 months pregnant with son #3.
Remind me someday and I’ll tell you a cool story about a really
pregnant inconsolable wife, with a brand new house, and no job. I
took the biggest leap of faith by I had ever... Well, I digress.
As they say, that’s a whole ‘nother story...] Anyway, so on the
way home from school the other night I heard some guys rag’n on
the cable company about their poor service, so I thought they
could use a break.

As I drove down our street tonight, I saw son #3 across the street
trying to get his kite out of a tree. (My sister #2 gave each of
the boys a kite at our combined family birthday party on
Saturday). It was a windy day, and son #3 got his stuck kite
pretty high in a tree. He’d been there about 45 minutes trying to
get it down. When I got out of the car he asked if he could use
the ladder. But the kite was in the really small end branches of
the tree so I told him there was nothing to lean it up against. He
was pretty bummed. I looked down the street and there was a
Comcast guy in a bucket truck next Justin’s dad’s house.

Back in the day when I used to string lines from the pole to the
house, a lot of times there were trees in the way. We used to have
‘tree sticks’ to fish the cable through. So, I told son #3 to go
and ask the cable guy if he had anything to help us. He said, “No,
I’m too shy, you do it.” So, after a bit of teasing son #3, I went
over and said, “Do you have any tree sticks, or...” I said hoping,
“something like a... bucket... that could help us out?” I pointed
to the kite and without a pause he said, “Sure, I can get that out
for you.” He backed his truck into the neighbor’s driveway, jumped
into his bucket and got it down in about 30 seconds.

While he was up there, I took some pictures with my camera phone.
(BTW, my camera phone has really dinky poor quality pictures...
but I guess you get what you pay for.) I’ve made them a bit bigger
and better and posted them on the web. So, at least for tonight,
Comcast Rocks!

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Today’s News and Entertainment

Study: Poor receive $8.21 in government spending
vs. rich's .41 cents...

Today’s video

Beauty is nothing without brains


"Someone was arrested earlier this week for throwing a bag over
the White House fence and climbing over it. Turned out it was just
Hillary Clinton with carpet samples."
~Jay Leno

"Did you hear about this? Homeland Security is cutting funding to
New York City ... and raising funding for Nebraska. Well, at least
the corn will sleep better."
~David Letterman


A lawyer was getting fitted for a suit at his tailor's office. As
he was standing there, he decided to have some fun with the man.
"I guess our jobs are pretty similar," said the lawyer.

The tailor remained silent, so the lawyer continued, "What I mean
is that we're both in the same business - making suits. And both
of our suits end up in a court of law."

The tailor said nothing, but continued measuring, so the lawyer
added, "Of course, I went to college and then law school for seven
years to learn how to make my suits."

"Yes," said the tailor, "but when I make a suit, it only costs you
two hundred dollars.”


My wife and I take turns walking our five-year-old daughter to the
bus stop for school every morning. Today was my turn, and as me
and all the other moms in the neighborhood waited one of them
asked me to say hello to my wife.

"I will," I said. "it'll make her feel better. She has

"Oh, poor girl," they all said in unison.

One of them crooked her eyebrow at me and said, "I hope you're
helping her with the kids, the cooking and cleaning."

"I can't," I said pointing to the band aid on my index finger.

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