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Marty's Joke of the day is an internet column that I've written for more than 5 years.
I tell humorous stories about my "sweet wife" and raising our 4 young sons, named #1, #2, #3, and #4.
After 5 years of story telling, in August of 2005, doctors found a brain tumor in son #4.
Our focus here has changed little as we still try to find humor in our lives.

Monday, April 03, 2006

4/3 - Holding our breath

Monday, April 03, 2006

Well, tomorrow’s the big day. Son #4 is getting his 2nd post op MRI tomorrow. I’ve got a little uneasy feeling about this one, but we’ll just have to wait and find out what the scan shows.

It’s a good thing that we’ll have to leave pretty early with him tomorrow, because he’ll get no breakfast. He gets a little cranky when he doesn’t get breakfast. But then again, so do I.

Not much else to write, I’m busy holding my breath.

Wish us luck!

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Reader Comment Section:

On Wednesday of this week, at two minutes and three seconds after
1AM in the morning, the time and date will be;

01:02:03 04/05/06.

That probably won't ever happen again in your lifetime!
~Sandra B.

It;s soo hadr to tpye wtih my fnginers corossed, but tehy will be
corossed utnil we haer that all is wlel whith [sno 4#].
(I;ll tpye slwoer....) There are so many people praying for him,
I KNOW everything will be fine!! So glad you and your sweet wife
could get away for a day, and what a fabulous place! Who knew we
had something that nice so close to home?? Prayers and love to
[son #4] and all of you.
~Betty H.


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