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After 5 years of story telling, in August of 2005, doctors found a brain tumor in son #4.
Our focus here has changed little as we still try to find humor in our lives.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

3/23 - A Taxing post

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Aren’t taxes fun? We just submitted ours, and we should get a
refund back in a couple of weeks. There’s always a two pronged
debate going on in my head at tax time. The first is, “if you get
a rebate, dummy, why didn’t you file way back in January?” I
never could answer that one. Laziness I guess. The other side of
the debate is, if you get such a large refund, why do you let the
government use your money all year? You could be getting that
money back during the year. I guess some people (me?) like a
forced savings program.

But what really gets me, is during the year when people say, “Oh,
I don’t want to work overtime. Because when I get that paycheck,
it always throws me in a higher tax bracket and the government
ends up taking more of my money.” If they saw the big picture, and
realize that taxes are calculated at the end of the year taking
total income, minus all the deductions you can find, multiplied by
a tax rate, minus what you paid in taxes. That extra 50 bucks you
get on overtime isn’t going to affect your overall taxes that

But, I’m a computer guy, not a tax man. If I were, I would
probably just tell everyone to claim zero dependants on their W4
forms, and wait until April 15th to file and get a fat refund.

For those of you who get this as email...
Enjoy today’s Jokes!

p.s. Sorry, not one of my better posts, but, it’ll have to do.

Reader Comment Section:

>Yup, they still have rifle shooting and shot gun shooting merit
>badges. Something to look into!

This kinda brings back memories back in '59 or '60 when me & ole
John were shootin flaming arrows straight up and into the Little
Wichita River, down @ Blakes Farm on a 2 nighter and one of the
flaming arrows set the Scoutmaster Ed Homcomps tent on fire. Ah!
such memories
Norman O.
Former Troop 136 - Wichita Falls, Texas - Life & Order of The
Arrow Brotherhood

[I had a Scoutmaster with the same last name as yours. Your email
brought back a lot of good memories...]


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